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Pamintuan’s serious work as an artist began with her experiments with roots, leaves and flowers. She shaped these botanicals and gave them permanence by casting them in gold, silver and copper. Without prior training or apprenticeship, she made here early works through trial and error, building and tearing down, learning and relearning. The fusion of organic material and metal brought about her jewelry line. From jewelry, she ventured into vases and bowls, and naturally progressed to furniture and sculptures, for which she began to receive both local and international recognition.Today, Pamintuan is considered one of the pillars of the country’s design industry. A pioneering member of the Movement 8 design alliance, she is the first Asian woman designer to be included in the prestigious International Design Yearbook.

Ann Pamintuan Profile

With a design sensibility deeply rooted in respect for materials, confident shapes and clean lines, and highly influenced by an Asian modernist aesthetic, Ann Pamintuan belongs to a new wave of Filipino designers gaining worldwide recognition from Manila to New York, Milan, Frankfurt, Paris, Tokyo, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan.

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