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Saija Lighting - Tronco Table/Floor Lamp


Tronco table and floor lamps with mouth blown white Murano glass and foot made

of brushed stainless steel or brass. Available in three sizes. Light source: halogen.


Glass shade: mouth-blown white and frosted Murano glass

Foot: brushed stainless steel | brass | Halogen Eco

Small: 70W, E27 | Dimmer | EC C

Medium: 205W, E27 | Dimmer with memory function | EC C

Large: 205W, E27 | Dimmer with memory function | EC C

Saija - Tronco Floor Lamp
Saija - Tronco Table Lamp Brass
Saija - Tronco Table lamp
Saija Tronco Detail
Saija - Tronco Floor
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Saija - Tronco Table
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